Boris Arrival Information for the Media


Dear Journalists,

Please read this email in full as I think it should answer a lot of the questions you have.

Boris’ ETA is now late on 27th January and we have arranged lots of ways that you will be able to follow the arrival.
Before Arrival – the tracker
When Boris 200nm away the tracking map will update every 30nm, when he is 60nm away it will update every 5nm.
Timings of arrival 
Due to the tides, the boats will only be able to go up the channel between 12h45 to 19h20 on 27th January and between 0h50 to 7h40 and 13h25 and 19h55 on the 28th January.
If arrival is outside these times therefore we could have a situation where the boats arrive and then there is a gap between the arrival and the channel and press conference could be later. Please keep an eye on our social media channels and the website as we will be updating everyone on this situation.
If the boats arrive at a good time then Boris will go up the channel, dock on the pontoon and he will be greeted by friends and family and the team. Then he will proceed to the media area where interviews will happen and then the press conference.
Due to the extra time situation for Boris, Yannick and Jean Le Cam, we could have a situation where the first boats finishing is not actually the first boat, again please look at the race website and our channels for confirmation of this.
Media link up
There will be a live media link up so that you can show a live stream of Boris’ arrival at whatever time he comes in or whatever position this will be in place. In order to  obtain the link for the live arrivals please contact Herve in French:
Hervé Borde <[email protected]>
Note: Even if the arrival is at night it will be well lit.
Press conference after 
The press conference will be on a separate link.
This will be held 2 hours after the arrival if the tides are cooperating (and about 1 hour after entering the channel full breakdown bellow).
The press conference will have a Zoom connection for international media to follow and it will be streamed. I have arranged for there to be a German translator and there will also be English audio too.
If you want to come to the Zoom conference please complete this to receive the link: 
Any questions please contact the race PR manager: Sabina MR <[email protected]>
Order of events:
Viewing the arrival for supporters
For supporters I know NDR are streaming the arrival – please let me know if any other stations are so I can update our supporters.
Our own websites will also show the live of the race.
Video and Images
We will have two media people in our team, one for video and one for images. These are free for editorial use only. A selection of these will be made available on our imagebank within a few hours and more will follow later. You can access the imagebank here:
Password: Maliziapress
Credits are in the tags under the images
A short video of the arrival will be ready 5 hours or so later too and footage from on board the boat. This will also be on the imagebank.
Other Press Conferences and Interviews 
We will hold another press conference with Boris but the time of this is still to be decided, if you are requesting personal interviews please make sure you attend the press conferences first to avoid the same questions being asked multiple times.
If you wish to request a personal interview please complete this form, please note that we try to meet these requests but it is a very busy time and Boris will not be able to do every interview or request.
Please feel free to share this email with your colleagues.
Best wishes

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