As reported earlier, at 07:25 UTC today, Boris Herrmann on Seaexplorer – Yacht Club de Monaco had an issue with the mainsail when the masthead car broke and the sail fell. Boris didn’t suffer any injuries during this episode and managed to quickly secure the mainsail. Since the incident occurred Boris has been working out ways to makeshift a solution that at least allows him to partially hoist the main.

Boris managed to put together and attach the new car which he carries in the spares kit and re-hoisted the mainsail but due to possible damage to the track he isn’t able to hoist past reef two. Boris commented, “I am no longer competitive as I cannot hoist past the 2nd reef, however, this is a great learning for the real test, the Vendee Globe, having to think fast and fix things at sea is key in that race. I have been able to put Seaexplorer to the test in a variety of conditions and show what she can achieve! I would like to thank fellow IMOCA skipper Kevin Escoffier (PRB) who immediately offered assistance and technical advice when he realised I had an issue, this is the true IMOCA spirit.”

This no doubt comes as a blow after yesterday’s achievement of holding first place all day, however, this race has proved what Boris and the newly refurbished yacht can achieve. In dealing with this incident Boris has shown his resilience and the commitment to our partners and to our scientific mission to gather as much data as possible, Boris will continue the race with the aim to finish. He will no doubt be focusing on sailing the boat efficiently back and thinking of returning to his wife and their new baby.

Well done Boris the team are all with you – fair winds!

Watch Boris talk about the incident in video 1 (English) and then in video 2 thanking Kevin (PRB) (French)

Video 2

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