Boris Herrmann has rounded the Gallimard Waypoint at 12:22 UTC on 13 July 2020. Having previously been leading the race on Friday and Saturday morning, Boris suffered a serious issue with his mainsail headboard car. This is nothing to do with the Lorima mast or the Quantum mainsail but an issue with the actual mechanism. After much work onboard, Boris managed to fix the sail enough to sail with the 2nd reef for the rest of Saturday. During Saturday evening he updated the team that he had spent the day fixing the car and had hoisted the main fully which he kept up through the night and which kept him in 6th place. However, when trying to reef on Sunday, he encountered the same issue again. Losing the mainsail headboard leaving the sail to fall. After 6 tiring attempts of re-hoisting (losing him a lot of places and 2 hours of time in the race) he had to give up and again resorted to 2nd reef and place 8 in the race.

For anyone that has hoisted the main of an IMOCA they will know that this is no easy task, let alone after 9 days at sea with 6 solo attempts to raise it. In the evening of Sunday, ever positive, Boris commented, “That is my evening work out, after many attempts, I am staying on reef two. I will try again in lighter winds. This really adds to the training for the Vendee Globe, I now have more technical skills to deal with these problems if they were to arise in the future.”

At around 09:00 UTC today, Boris informed the team that he had tried 3 more times to hoist the main in all different wind directions but with no luck, each time the headboard jumps out. Boris keep spirits high and told the team, “at least it is a beautiful start to the week, with flat sea and sunshine.”

He also sent an image of Fabrice Amedeo who he was sailing neck and neck with up to the Gallimard Waypoint. Fabrice is the other sailor with the same ocean laboratory onboard. After a short radio call with Fabrice, Boris commented that although he was frustrated about not being able to hoist the mainsail, at least the scientific laboratory onboard was working well and providing full ocean CO2 data for our scientists to review on his return.

We look forward to Boris’ arrival on the evening of the 14th or the morning of the 15th July!

Stay tuned.



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