In 8 days Boris Herrmann will set off on the race of a lifetime, around the world, alone and non-stop in the toughest sporting challenge, the Vendee Globe. We want to have you, our fans, viewers, and partners as close to the action as possible. To do this, we have created various tools in order to let you experience this adventure firsthand. 


The RAW 

We created our RAW content area on our website homepage. Here we will be posting all the unedited unfiltered real content from the boat, directly as we receive it, including, videos, voice notes, photos and texts. You will be able to follow Boris’ journey including his highs and lows without any outside interference. You can even click below it for the embed frame and include this RAW on your own sites. 


The Tracker

Our Seaexplorer – Yacht Club de Monaco tracker is where you can follow Boris around the world and see where he is ranked compared to his competitors. This great Geovoille map allows you to monitor his distance to the finish, his average speed, his current speed and it even provides a wind overlay so you can see what conditions he is battling against. You may find refreshing the screen becomes addictive. 


The Dashboard

The dashboard is for those of you who want to know more. It contains all the technical data coming from the boat and is updated every 10 minutes. This includes the current boat speed, trajectory and heel angle. We have also added our SubCTech ocean pack data here so you can see the salinity, water temperature and CO2 levels in the water around Boris. This should allow you to take a deeper dive into the technical side of sailing. 


The Social 

Our social media channels are linked at the top of the page, these allow you to watch the best content, interact with other viewers and follow the journey. We will be using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn for a variety of different content, feel free to follow us. 


The Blog

The team will be producing a weekly blog post recapping the week’s adventures in a shorter summary. Here you can catch up on all the highlights and leave the team any comments. To receive this weekly please subscribe here. 


The Start

As the village is now locked down, we will not have any guests for the start, but we still have many ways that you can watch the start from your homes. The Vendee Globe Youtube Channel will be streaming the live aerial view on 8th November, the start is 13:02 CET but the content will start at 8 am for the skippers’ arrival. Both our Facebook channels Team Malizia and Boris Herrmann Racing will be showing the start too and the Team Malizia one will show the stern camera so you are effectively in the boat with Boris. Tune in to join us.

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