Just finishing the Monaco Globe Series, the team sailed on to Portimao for a short pit-stop on the way to Bermuda. Boris is doing Portimao – Bermuda solo in order to train and qualify for the Route du Rhum. You can follow the trip as usual on the tracker below.

The last months have been very successful in terms of development of the team – both on a commercial as well as a technical level. We are progessing together, learning a lot about our boat. We are busy in the background to progress with the team-funding as well as potential technical development that are supposed to be implemented in 2019. Among these developments we are studying new sails, foils and a new zero-emission energy system in cooperation with BMW-I.

We managed to establish an important scientific collaboration with the Max Planck Institute in Hamburg (MPI) as well as the GEOMAR in Kiel to acquire oceanographic data relevant for the understanding of climate change.

Our full time school coordinator has edited an educational kit over the last 6 months. That is offered to schools which interested in following our program and learning about climate change. A number of schools have followed the Globe Series Regatta in Monaco. A class called Pierre and Boris on-board during the race and another class had a videoconference with Peter Landschützer (MPI) during a European climate conference.

We are looking forward to the start of the big Anniversary Atlantic Race organised by NRV http://anniversary-regatta.com with the start on July 8th. The route is highly challenging and sailing an IMOCA boat with 5 people on board will be a good test for the 2021 Volvo Ocean Race which will be then raced on IMOCA yachts such as Malizia.

We expect to arrive in Hamburg 20-23 July and want to celebrate our first Malizia year on July 25 in Hamburg. We will offer an open ship day in Kiel on August 5th. But also in Hamburg the boat will be accessible for curious sailing fans.

Thanks for following and see you in Hamburg!