Job Advert: Team Malizia Content Creator


We are looking for a great content creator to grow our team and produce content of the team, our projects and life on land. If you are interested: 

  • keep reading about Team Malizia below,
  • fill out the google form here,
  • and record a short max. 2 minute selfie video on your phone in English telling us why you are passionate about this role. You can upload this in the Google form above.


About Team Malizia

You have seen our hiring video which gives you a feeling for us as a team. Our team is a close knit family consisting of 11 nationalities with an equal mix of men and women consisting of 33 members. We are currently building a new IMOCA race boat, preparing and planning for The Ocean Race 2023 and the Vendee Globe 2024/25. 

We are an international racing sailing team and we want to show the world behind the scenes of our unique and dynamic team. We have a lot of energy, drive and ideas. We are always on the move and we need someone who can capture this real life content.

We are not only a sailing team though, we aim to inspire ambitious climate action through the emotions of our sport and educating around solutions for the climate crisis. Our campaign unites multiple stakeholders such as our seven main-partners (sponsors), NGOs and foundations as well as education and science institutes behind the common goal of climate action (SDG13).

Through authentic storytelling we share the endeavour of round the world racing, the beauty and vulnerability of the oceans as well as the adventure of technology and competition. The massive media attention generated by this forms the cornerstone of an impactful communications platform which is complemented by dedicated science, education and events programs. 

We strive to create further content highlighting the inner workings of the team to share this with our viewers and supporters. To have an underlying message of climate action but to tell and show the human stories that come together to make Team Malizia. 

We are already working with onboard reporters and amazing specialised sailing content creators, what we want is someone who pushes the boundaries, who shows a different side, who tells the inside story. 


What does the role involve 

  • Filming the team on land and creating engaging and entertaining Youtube content series about the life of Team Malizia
  • Storytelling and creating a narrative about the human elements of living and working together in an international offshore racing team 
  • You should be able to lead and autonomously create content – sometimes directing the team members to create an amazing series 
  • Sometimes you might film nonstop all day – you need lots of energy and a passion to create stories. 
  • This is a unique opportunity and a once in a lifetime experience – the hours will be long but the rewards are high. It is an incredible adventure. 
  • We are looking for a new Team Malizia family member – to share the highs and the lows from inside the team and to communicate this to the world. 
  • Hands-on editing/Youtube expertise: filming content, storing content, editing longer videos, uploading and optimising content for Youtube, growing the reach of our video channel, brainstorming content, editing effects and sound and most importantly story telling.
  • Planning and creation of content on various channels – creating a red thread throughout our communications 


Wish list for our dream candidate:

  • Ability to think and work autonomously – although you will be 100% embedded in the team we need you to be able to drive this on your own 
  • Creative thinking on how to tell the human story of Team Malizia and a person who can think outside the box
  • Relevant prior experience in the following: video content creation, story telling, Youtube, Vlogging, video editing and scheduling content 
  • Fully fluent in English (French &/or German a bonus)
  • For the next year the team will be on the road travelling internationally and filming nonstop – this means 24/7 living with the team in different locations 
  • Strong organisational skills, a problem solver with a hands on attitude when needed, able to prioritise efficiently with attention to details and deadlines
  • Confident, positive, outspoken team player – we want to be challenged and for you to introduce ideas and to develop our storytelling. 
  • Ideal start date would be early summer
  • No sailing experience needed 


The deadline for this job application is Friday 8th July 2022.



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