This winter marks an exciting new milestone for Team Malizia, as the yacht undergoes a large refit in Lorient, France – an essential key to Malizia’s success in the 2020 Vendée Globe. The upgrade makes the yacht a challenging competitor and will improve both safety and performance for Boris on his solo race around the world. 

Foils Picture

Along with significant hull reinforcements, a new coach roof, and countless advanced electronics, Malizia will be equipped with new state-of-the-art performance foils. These will allow the boat to foil earlier and also lift significantly higher; greatly improving both speed and stability for the yacht.

Boris commented: “We reinforced the structure and installed a completely new bulkhead, as the foils have moved forward about half a meter. The foils now also extend out of the deck at the top when pulled up, while the old ones retracted into the hull.”

The new foils raise Malizia out of the water more than before, causing more strain on the lower part of the hull. To combat these new forces, additional structural ribs were added along with reinforced trunks.

Another big change was the modification of the bow’s crash box. When the boat hits an object in the water, this small part of the bow simply falls off and uncovers a second layer to prevent a major leakage. The new design will give the boat more lift in the front, preventing the bow from diving into the water as fast.

With barely four months to complete the project, Malizia has employed 14 boat builders from across the globe to overhaul the yacht. Together, they have combined their unique insights to create the most progressive improvements. From 7AM morning meetings to late evening debriefs – Malizia’s refit team has made the impossible possible.

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, work has slowed to ensure the safety of our team. Although Malizia’s launch is being postponed, we are looking forward to joining you from the water as soon as possible!

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