Peter Frisch GmbH look forward to continuing the successful partnership with Team Malizia for the next five years for The Ocean Race and another Vendee Globe Campaign.

10th June 2021


The partnership with Peter Frisch GmbH has been characterized by a trusting and friendly relationship. Boris Herrmann has counted on the support of Peter Frisch GmbH since he was a young sailor, hence why we are delighted and proud to announce that we are continuing this 20 year partnership. Therefore, the next few years will mark an important milestone in three aspects.

This collaboration includes more than a clothing partnership, Peter Frisch GmbH are also a key technical supporter offering expertise due to Frisch’s long-standing role as a distributer in the area of maritime brands. They share a passion for details and testing the limits of products to create solutions for future customer needs. Premium brands such as Musto, Spinlock and Harken have developed innovative sustainable products in their respective fields which we will be showcasing in our upcoming projects.

Hubertus Jürgens:” Team Malizia complements our growing activities in the development of innovative solutions in the offshore wind rescue market. There is a strong link between the work done on safety at offshore wind farms and that of a sailor in the remote ocean. With our long history in sailing, we are ideally placed with this expansion because a lot of the products and learnings across these areas are clearly transferable. Optimal synergies are created from decades of experience. Some of the products will be adapted with our existing know-how from mountain rescue systems to be applied for innovative solutions and concepts in the future offshore wind rescue market.”

Peter Frisch GmbH want to work together with Team Malizia to pursue further solutions around sustainability and environmental protection, to adapt their thinking and actions to future challenges and to set a good example in the industry.

Hubertus Jürgens: “We are proud to support Boris on his journey for the next 5 years, The Ocean Race 2022 and another Vendee Globe 2024. It is great to share Boris’ passion for the sport and to be part of his racing, moreover we fully support his actions to fight for climate action by educating the next generation, collecting CO2 ocean data and campaigning to plant Mangroves. The cooperation with the quite young dynamic Team Malizia is a great project to be part of and offers enormous potential for growth. That’s why we are very proud to realise our goals together and to expand this successful partnership.”

Boris Herrmann: „I have been a part of the Frisch family for many years now and I am incredibly happy and honoured to extend this longstanding partnership. The whole team at Frisch have always provided us with the greatest support and equipment and we are really looking forward to showcasing this over the next years. Working together with our partners to showcase their sustainable solutions and to find solutions together is a mission close to my heart and one I look forward to pursuing with the team here.”

Holly Cova: “Frisch have played a major role in supplying us with team gear and equipment in the years running up to the last Vendee Globe. As Team Malizia we are always able to fully rely on the Frisch team and their products, this is a key component in preparing for such a big endeavour as The Ocean Race or Vendée Globe. We enjoy working with the team and we are excited to explore sustainable solutions with them in the future.“


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