Boris has had an amazing first three days of the Route du Rhum, starting off strong by crossing the start line in first place. Although he has had a few set backs since then, he has since managed to hold onto 4th or 5th place for well over 24 hours and is now heading into the fourth night at sea.

Day 1

Boris set off fast but hit a quiet patch with very little wind part way into day one (5/11/2018). He sent us a video message to update us on his location and how the race was going.

Later in the day the wind picked up and we got a glimpse of what the conditions might be like for Boris as the day progressed into night.

Day 2

The weather forecasts and warnings before the race were pretty intense and these manifested with big weather systems bringing large waves (5-10 meters) and strong gale winds, with reports of over 45 knot gusts hitting on Tuesday. Sadly, many boats across the classes were damaged or forced to retire during this big system but luckily no-one was hurt. Boris managed to continue, slowing his pace to meet the big waves and reduce the slamming on the boat.

Day 3

As morning broke on Wednesday (07/11/2018) the conditions had slightly improved but there was still a lot of crashing from the waves, which puts much strain on the boat. See Boris’s morning here:


Boris had a close call during Wednesday. While he was down below making lunch and he heard a big crash on deck… rushing on deck he found that his J3 sail furler had come free and the sail was flying around. Luckily, he managed to fix all of this with no damage to the boat or the sail! Go Boris!

Watch the video below to hear Boris’s explanation and see the photos of him fixing the boat.

As at Wednesday evening 8pm Boris is currently doing well; having fixed all the issues with the boat he is on a North Westerly heading and will hopefully be getting some much needed sleep to prepare for the next big weather system.

We will update you with more on the race and you can find out more on the Route du Rhum website or click our homepage to follow the tracker live.

If you would like to see the lead up to the race, have a read of Jochen Rieker’s four day account here for Yacht.de. Jochen lived with us for four days  and followed Boris, Pierre and the team until the start of the race, documenting it in this great five part article. The build up to a race is always important and exciting with over 2 million people visiting the race village and all the preparation that goes into the start. Stan Thuret, our film maker and keen sailor, also followed Boris and Pierre for the last 12 hours before the start of the race – you can watch the video here:


One of our sponsors BMW also joined us at the race start and interviewed Boris and Pierre the evening before the race, as well as producing a short video on the weather issues faced by the team. Take a look here:

BMW Yacht Sport Interview about the weather before the race.

BMW Yacht Sport interview with Pierre and Boris before the race.




Back on dry land, our Ocean Challenge schools have been participating in the Ocean Challenge using the kits, following Boris online and learning all about climate change and ocean protection. Lots of children came to the Ocean Challenge stand at the Route du Rhum start and created some amazing drawings to wish Boris luck. Take a look at the photos below and if you’d like to know more or download a free ocean challenge pack please click here.

Thanks for reading, if you have any messages for Boris then please email us at info@borisherrmannracing.com and we will make sure he gets them. We are still looking for other sponsors so also get in touch if you would like some more information.


Holly from Team Malizia