Despite Covid situation, the past months have been busy for Team Malizia with the launch of the newly renamed Seaexplorer – Yacht Club de Monaco and new main partnership announcement.


An extra turn of speed and a new focus are in the winds for the newly renamed ‘Seaexplorer – Yacht Club de Monaco’ (formerly Malizia). The IMOCA yacht was relaunched on 20 May with new foils and other modifications, following seven months out of the water for an extensive winter refit.

Skipper Boris Herrmann says: “Our refit team has been working hard since December in the yard in Lorient to make all the necessary modifications to the boat – including installing brand new foils, which the team and architects hope will give her a serious competitive edge in the upcoming Vendée Globe race.”

You can read the full article about the modifications here and watch the Malizia Supercharged Series on the Boris Herrmann Racing YouTube channel here.

The boat’s new name reflects our exciting new partnership with international logistics company Kuehne + Nagel, which has developed, “Seaexplorer” an online sustainable shipping platform. All our ‘crew’ – on and offshore – will still be known as Team Malizia.

Due to Corona virus restrictions, Boris was not able to visit Lorient for the launch, but they are hopeful to be able to gather in France in the coming weeks for training and testing the new foils.



Team Malizia partners with global logistics provider

Team Malizia and Kuehne + Nagel share the common goal of improving ocean health. Both partners base their approach on the wealth of scientific evidence which proves that ocean health is ultimately essential to human wellbeing.” – said Boris Herrmann.

One of Kuehne + Nagel’s aims is to strive for a sustainable future. As part of this, the company actively contributes to the wellbeing of communities and the environment, while connecting people and goods through innovative and sustainable solutions.
Otto Schacht, Kuehne + Nagel board member says: “We welcome this new partnership and believe that together we can do more to promote and expand our activities in this field. Both partners are very aware of their responsibilities as corporate citizens and share the aim of raising awareness of environmental issues and offering workable solutions. By joining forces, we can make an even bigger impact on society.”


Time is valuable. Minutes are precious. Not only to win the race, but to protect the environment. Kuehne + Nagel has launched a comprehensive Net Zero Carbon Programme and offers CO2-neutral transports from 2020 onwards. In the framework of its Net Zero Carbon Programme, Kuehne + Nagel pursues visibility, reduction and offsetting of carbon emissions. Shipments should be as emission-free as possible. All unavoidable emissions are fully compensated.

The aim is to neutralise our collective CO2 footprint and help our stakeholders achieve their own bold environmental targets.


Kuehne + Nagel has also taken on the responsibility to develop ready-to-use, technology-based solutions that can help reduce the carbon footprint caused by logistics services and transport worldwide.

The digital platform Seaexplorer visualises the carbon emissions of sea freight vessels worldwide and thus enables its customers to choose the service with the lowest CO2 emissions.

Click here to request a demo the Seaexplorer platform.


Three new carrier-partners

Through our connection with Kuehne + Nagel and our new Seaexplorer branding, we have used their common goal of reducing shipping emissions to unite three logistics carriers: CMA CGM, Hapag – Lloyd and MSC as partners of our sailing platform. We are excited for them to join us and we have already been activating for them before the Corona lockdown. In January we presented to each of their teams on our programme and the work we are doing around ocean CO2 data and our kids ocean education.

The team visited the Hapag-Lloyd control centre in Hamburg, where Boris and Will were given a tour of the facilities. Boris was invited to the Hapag-Lloyd offices in February this year and presented to the employees on the project about the Team Malizia mission. The boat will carry their logos on our head sail.

We are really excited to be partnering with these companies and spreading the Seaexplorer platform further. All of these companies are making steps to reduce their carbon emissions and with shipping already being the most CO2 friendly form of transportation we are looking to the future to see what innovative solutions can evolve in this industry in the future.


B&G, the world’s leading sailing navigation and instrument specialist, has partnered with Team Malizia to collaborate to promote innovation and sustainability around the world.
“Seaexplorer – Yacht Club de Monaco” is now kitted out with B&G equipment, and Boris is very excited to try them all out this summer: “I am delighted to be partnering with B&G, I have used their products for many years and have always been impressed with their innovation and quality. Having their renowned expertise and race-proven technology on board will be a great asset towards the Vendee Globe.”
Read the full article about this partnership here.

Segelbild paintings: Heinke Bohnert is an artist from Hamburg, who combines many materials in her paintings, working with old sails, natural papers and is always collecting things with an interesting surface to fix on her work. She mainly works with acrylics on canvas or used sails. A share of the profit of her paintings goes to the Malizia Ocean Challenge foundation. You can check her site here.

Karbon Creations – a jewellery brand from Brittany, France – has collaborated with Team Malizia to create a collection made from carbon used in the construction of the foils. Karbon Creations reuses pieces of carbon making unique and very special jewellery pieces. Close to the sea and concerned about the environment, the creator of Karbon Creations commits to donate part of the revenue to the Malizia’s Ocean Challenge project. You can see the full collection here.


Team Malizia has quickly adapted to the challenges of lockdown

The core team is spread over four different countries, but despite the distance and uncertainty, they have kept the boat build on track, their fans engaged, the partnerships alive and their online platforms updated.

Boris has not just been studying weather charts and working on our new Ocean Challenge pack with ocean educator Birte, he has also been delivering 2-3 speeches per week for different partners or media outlets.

Watch Boris’s interview with Quantum Sails and Andy Rice here
Watch the IMOCA skipper’s UNESCO Partnership video here
Watch Boris’s Zoom call video with students and teachers from the New York German School here

Meanwhile, Will has been training hard in the UK and has just headed to France to test out the boat modifications, the new foils and the new Quantum sails before Boris arrives. The rest of the team has been working hard with Holly based in Hamburg focused on running the team, planning for alternative Corona scenarios and focusing on sponsorship and our partners.


A science mission, a brand new race for IMOCA teams and the Vendée Globe

Team Malizia will compete in an exciting new race created by the IMOCA class as an alternative to the solo transatlantic race that was cancelled this spring. This alternative race has taken shape and has become the Vendée-Arctic- Les Sables d’Olonne. This event was conceived around a 3600-mile long race course, representing ten to twelve days of solo sailing for the first time on IMOCA boats. Link to this race here.

The ability to carry out scientific missions has been seriously impacted during the corona pandemic. We are keen to help on this issue, with our SubCtech instrument (pictured below), we will be taking ocean data measurements on our route, and carrying out water sampling. Our aim is to provide reliable data.

In regards to the Vendée Globe, the organisers have confirmed the race will go ahead. Boris is positive that it will happen this year:“I share the opinion of some of my fellow skippers that it would almost be a joint failure if we didn’t manage to race around the world because, if any sport can go-ahead in these times, then it is us.” Statement taken from interview done with IMOCA Class, link here.


Team Malizia offsets Co2 emissions with projects in Ghana and with Mama Earth

Team Malizia has recorded the carbon emission footprint for the last few years, and believes that even if offsetting still isn’t the answer, it is a step in the right direction.
We have worked with CO2 Logic, who since 2007 have helped corporations to reduce their impact by providing a plan with outstanding results.
CO2logic has also developed the “CO2-Neutral” label, based on the internationally recognised PAS2060 standard. Unlike “greenwashing”, this label can only be achieved through serious climate efforts: it guarantees that labelled organisations are actively calculating, reducing and compensating their local and global climate impact.

Team Malizia achieved the gold standard certificate from 2019, and we plan to keep working on reducing omissions.

Team Malizia believes that every little step helps, and that is why we also take part in other projects :
1. Helping to develop and distribute efficient cookstoves in Ghana, in order to save millions of trees, support families, boost economic activities and improve health conditions. Cooking on inefficient stoves or open fires requires huge amounts of wood and charcoal, which results in a decrease of forest land and a rise in CO2 emissions.
2. Working closely with projects with Mamma Earth Foundation – an organisation in the Philippines planting Mangroves – which is a great and fast-growing way to extract CO2 from the atmosphere: the key is to over compensate!

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