The Malizia Mangrove Park has reached a quarter of a million donations – we are one step closer to our goal: the ONE million mangroves planted. THANK YOU!

We want to take this opportunity to let you know some facts you may now know about the park and the mangroves:

  • They involve local residents, farmers and fishermen, who benefit from the measures and can also earn money from raising the seedlings and planting them.
  • The planting of mangroves is a collective work and only works when we involve the coastal residents.
  • There is no competition with food production; on the contrary, it ensures that there will be more fish and seafood in the future.
  • There is no mangrove monoculture, but in connection with a university, different mangrove species are planted, just as they would occur in the mangrove forests.
  • With the mangroves, we are also actively protecting the coast from large waves and tsunamis, and also protecting the seagrass meadows and the reefs from being covered with sand.
  • The mangroves grow fast and create habitats for many different species of sea life.

We are convinced that we are doing something very useful and important with the Malizia Mangrove Park, it is really a very special project that stands out from the normal “standard reforestation projects”.

Once, more, a big thank you from us and the team at Mama Earth who makes this possible – to everyone who has joined us! Spread the word and let’s keep planting. 🌱

And you can make your donation directly here.

Have a look at the mangrove website here.