Despite the difficult health situation all around the world, the ninth edition of the Vendée Globe was a total success media-wise and inspired, unified and engaged with a wider more international audience than ever before.

It was a very challenging event from the beginning, and the organisation had to keep updating the protocols to follow the sanitary regulations. But thankfully, the 33 boats were on the start line at the scheduled date.

Each team was doing their own communication and both the IMOCA class and the Vendée Globe were very active as well.

Our vision of the Vendée Globe and the way we wanted to report on it was simple: we wanted to tell a stirring, honest and inspiring story. Looking at the fulfilment of Boris’ life dream, the ups and downs and the loneliness and how he overcame it and of never giving up.

At the same time, we wanted to communicate our scientific message as well as publicise our school initiative. Always under the premise of doing this in an unfiltered way – with self-produced and unedited content. Credible, raw and genuine so that viewers could really connect to Boris, the journey and the ocean.

On our own channels, it was a goal to always be approachable and to answer all questions and react to comments. We want to open up a new world to our followers that they might not have known before and that at the same time distracts them in difficult times and, at least virtually, take them out of their everyday lives.

We are extremely happy that our aims came true and that our expectations in terms of reach, but especially the incredibly high and qualitative engagement, were even far exceeded. We have been touched more than once by the way Boris’ journey and his open communication around the world were followed and commented on in the media and the feedback we have received from the people.

The involvement of our partners was always credible – because they share our vision and also understand what we want to be: A communication platform that combines a fascinating and emotional story with a deeper meaning, offering real added value.

This race has proven that nowadays it is no longer just about pure reach but that real impact comes from stories and communication that fits our time.

Here are some key facts of our media coverage:

  • From the start of the race to the end, we sent 30 press releases (each in German, French and English).
  • We held an average of 2 ocean press conferences per week (in French & German).
  • Our mailing list consists of over 20,000 journalists and outlets.
  • Hundreds of thousands of people tuned in to watch Boris’ daily updates on social media
  • In total there were over 36.5k articles mentioning Boris, the yacht and the team.
  • This gave a Meltwater AVE valuation for editorial & online news alone of €411M
  • Our media search covered over 70 countries, but the main ones were Germany, France, United States, Spain, Belgium and England.
  • The main German papers ran regular stories on Boris including: Suddeutsche Zeitung, FAZ, Die Welt, Tagesspiegel, Zeit, Spiegel, Bild am Sonntag, Handelsblatt and Abendblatt.
  • There were over 40 articles a day minimum throughout the journey.
We would like to thank everyone who supported Boris and the team in this great project and look forward to continuing our journey. This is “A Race We Must Win”!

You can read more about the Vendée Globe recap on our latest Newsletter here.


Boris Herrmann at the finish of the 2020/2021 Vendee Globe, after sailing around the world solo non-stop. All rights reserved – Editorial only – Image by Martin KeruzorŽ / Team Malizia


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