Prince Albert II of Monaco launched the European Maritime Prize in January 2017 in cooperation with boot Düsseldorf and the German Sea Foundation. Since then, this prize has been awarded every year at boot Düsseldorf as part of the “ocean tribute” award. The award is dedicated to the most innovative and sustainable marine conservation ideas.

This year the Malizia Ocean Challenge was nominated and awarded the prize under the category of ‘Society’. We are so grateful and happy to have been chosen and to have won the award and would like to thank Boot Düsseldorf, Deutsche Meeresstiftung and Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation for sponsoring this award.


The Malizia Ocean Challenge is part of the Malizia sailing campaign of deep-sea sailing professionals Boris Herrmann and Pierre Casiraghi. During the offshore regattas, the team collect data using the SubCtech ocean sensor, the data collected is about the state of the oceans and is evaluated in cooperation with the Max Planck Institute for Metrology Hamburg and the IFM Geomar Kiel. The focus of the data is on the absorption of CO2 by the oceans. In order not to emit CO2 at these regattas, the sailing yacht “Malizia” will switch to a power supply without fossil fuels. Comparable yachts also use their diesel propulsion during the regattas as generators for power generation. An initiative is attached to this sailing and scientific project to educate 8- to 14-year-old children and adolescents on the topics of marine and climate protection. For this purpose, Birte Lorenzen our Ocean Challenge teacher has developed the Ocean Challenge Kit which you can download for free. Birte is training teachers on these specific topics and a partnership with the children’s magazine Geolino (120,000 subscribers) was concluded. We have already engaged over 4000 children on ocean topics and we are excited to go even further in 2019.

At the prize ceremony Birte explained the Malizia Ocean Challenge with the sentence “sailing encompasses society and science for the benefit of the environment”. “The social commitment of Birte, Boris and Pierre is exemplary”, Fautrier described the special commitment of the passionate sailors.

Prince Albert II spoke about the event and the need to do more:


Looking to 2019 we are open to sponsorship and partnership opportunities from those that would like to give money, time or resources to our charity Malizia Ocean Challenge gGmbH.

We would also like to thank all our sponsors and supporters in 2018 and in particular the Yacht Club de Monaco for their continued support.

Press and crowd at the event.