Three attempts and three world records. The first Lending Club record year will definitely remain in the history book of sailing as one of the most efficient campaigns ever.

Ryan Breymaier and Renaud Laplanche co-skippered the huge 105 foot racing trimaran to triumph across the line of the Cowes-Dinard, Newport-Bermuda and the Transpac record in Hawaii.

Boris pays Ryan huge respect for managing this campaign in such a straight-forward manner. The boat is fantastic to sail, it is lighter than other multihulls and has efficient foils. The team was composed of some great international and French names. Jean-Baptiste le Vaiallant and Roland Jourdain as occasionally during the first training sessions also Francis Joyon made for a strong group of experience on board.

Weather routing and navigating this boat during these record attempts as well as some deliveries was a thrilling and fun experience. Boris also loves steering this trimaran, especially in winds above 17/18 knots you can fly the central hull and it feels like flying – the most efficient and pure way of sailing.