The climax of Boris Herrmann´s career certainly has been to circumnavigate the globe non-stop double-handed with Ryan Breymaier onboard the high-tech IMOCA open60 “Neutrogena” and achieving 5th place in the 2010/11 Barcelona World Race.

After an intense year of preparation that lead to sailing of more than 15.000 miles already Ryan and Boris started this race on December 31st 2010 in Barcelona and returned after exactly 100 days on April 12th 2011. They had been the 3rd competitor to finish this race non-stop. This has obviously not only been a tough and competitive ocean race but also a human adventure and true challenge, having to overcome numerous technical breakdowns, fatigue, stress, storms, minimal food and comfort as well as the team factor: Ryan and Boris going together through every hour and every day of this journey as dedicated team. This meant they had to calm their emotions, to temper their ego, to cooperate without exception in every moment no matter the wind, weather, race euphoria, anger or frustration.

Ryan and Boris are both proud of this achievement, especially taking into account that they didn’t know each other before the initiation of this project and hadn’t come to this as “old friends” or colleagues that they are today. They continue working together on Ryans’ team “Lending Club” or the Italian Soldini-Maserati yacht on which they did the Golden Globe record around America together in a team of ten over 47 days.

The preparation and organization of the Neutrogena campaign had been supervised by French offshore hero Roland Jourdain “Bilou” and his team