Day 63 – Calm seas, sunshine and music!

Coordinates: 34°53.06’S – 037°30.70W    

Day 63 – Suspense! Relieved and Recompensation.

Coordinates: 35°57.37’S – 037°11.20W Suspense! Relieved. Recompensation. Belohnung. I was…

Day 63 – Boris NDR interview (German)

Coordinates: 38°08.31’S – 036°41.03W German interview with NDR    ……

Day 63 – Boris ZDF interview (German)

Coordinates: 38°08.31’S – 036°41.03W German interview with ZDF    

Day 62 – Boris is on the Hunt

Coordinates: 42°26.56’S – 038°48.63W Boris has been gaining miles on his competitors quickly and…

Day 62 – Race mode ON

Coordinates: 42°25.13’S – 038°48.41W    

Day 62 – “I’m in the eye of the storm”

Coordinates: 43°37.17’S – 040°30.81W "I'm in the eye of the storm. When we are through this tonight…

Day 60 – The process of the collected ocean data

Coordinates: 49°04.21’S – 047°46.35W   "With the USB key I transfer the raw data to the…

Day 59 – Can Boris take back some miles?

Coordinates: 52°37.90’S – 058°04.63 The race is far from over yet. After a low pressure system…

Day 58 – “What a job! We have a mainsail. And are racing again.”

Coordinates: 55°44.40’S – 064°35.47'W         

Day 58 – Week 8 recap video

Coordinates: 56°10.41’S – 065°43.01'W    

Day 58 – Rip in mainsail in 30 – 40 knots of wind

Coordinates: 56°39.08’S – 066°54.02'W