Coordinates: 40°42.11’S – 012°23.83’E

“I was very focused on my task and had a search sector that I had to search very closely – with 600 metres between passages. One passage took me an hour. So it would have taken 15 to 20 hours to search the entire search field that was assigned to me. At this moment, of course, one realises how large the search field is and that one is looking for a needle in a haystack. I was very motivated and looked in all the right places as best I could. At the same time it was of course foreseeable that you would not manage to look for 10 hours. It was extremely cold with high swell and spray coming over the deck. There are limits somewhere. But it was great to see that the regatta management diverted all the boats that were available nearby and that we were able to search together with a fleet. So we gave luck every chance and luck finally led to Kevin being found. This is a great relief and now the tension is dropping. Of course there is also a certain sadness and the thoughts are with him. I am already back to my normal race, but I am not yet back to where the race is with my head, but that will certainly come soon. In any case, I will give myself some time today to let things sink in.”