Coordinates: 47°21.30’S – 121°45.50’E

Text written from an audio from Boris:

“Such an amazing day today!

I really had to jump on my pilot to not crash into Damien, we were kind of converging like magnets pulling the boats one to each other. Of course we were observing for a long time but I really didn’t want to touch my pilot because my boat was on the perfect set up for going fast.
Now I can see 4 lights around in the total darkness, and this is pretty amazing, 5 boats inside half way around – this has never happened before!
I was so close to Damian that I could talk to him boat to boat and look closely inside his cockpit and so on…And then we also chatted on WhatsApp.. it’s really nice – no more loneliness.
My dream day! It was warm… part of the day I was working outside without a jacket: I made the stern of the boat my workbench and I was playing with the grinder and the drill and this and that… and gluing the sail back together. A really fun day for a change! With distractions and nice things to do.
The boat was going nicely by itself while I was working! Still a bit to overtake them but let’s see how tonight goes…
Not sure what happens with Apivia, seems like he has a problem with the foil case… but yeah, the Vendée Globe is always good for surprises!
Like Francis Joyon “Tu est jamais à l abris d une bonne surprise” = ” today was really a nice surprise day”: warm and quiet. Gentle in any sense… Cheers everyone! Have a good evening. More news tomorrow. “
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