Coordinates: 35°57.37’S – 037°11.20W

Suspense! Relieved. Recompensation. Belohnung.

I was dreaming of this moment: warmth. Medium wind from behind. No pounding, banging, crashing, screaming. No fears about the boat or sails breaking. Worry free.  Here it is. Since this afternoon. Still saw some 27 boat speeds and small nose dives this morning but now it’s what I had dreamt of. Especially sitting in that nasty last low. From here to almost the Azores we have nice to manageable conditions. In 12 hours temperatures went up from 2 layers to t shirt.

I am so thankful. I let myself fall. Embrace the tiredness and use every minute to sleep rest or recover somehow.

I have a job list but that can wait. First it’s me now. Just relax.

In that small low I was especially anxious. Short boat braking sea state. And I thought. Please not here. This is the last effort. My dear boat hold on. Just 24 hrs and we have a week or two of gentle sailing.

Which is now.  Thank god.

Not for everyone was this luck. Isabelle became a victim of that same low. Same situation. Wishing her all the best to make land soon and safe.