Day 68 – The digital age it’s just entering sailing… 

Coordinates: 09°19.62’S – 033°41.20W What do you guys think of Boris’s suggestion for the next…

Day 68 – Latest Ocean Data

Coordinates: 10°11.31’S – 033°49.25W Check out the latest ocean data collected with the onboard…

Day 67 – Sailing on starboard tack for over a week

Coordinates: 13°47.30’S – 033°57.42W…

Day 67 – “I’ll miss this feeling when I’m back in my hometown Hamburg”

Coordinates: 17°11.72’S – 034°19.04W "This fantastic tropical evening, with the best temperature,…

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About us

We are Team Malizia, a professional sailing team, racing around the world.

Team Malizia’s Mission

Our main aim is to compete on the highest level in the toughest races, whilst using our sport platform to inspire action and change through outreach, create awareness and highlight solutions to the climate crisis.

Our Values

Our mission is to combine sailing, science and education to bring the climate crisis to the forefront of the world. We want to use our platform of ocean sailing, where we experience firsthand the changes and impacts human actions are having on the ocean and use these stories to inspire change in the world.

On 8 November 2020, Boris will compete in one of the toughest solo non-stop ocean races in the world, the Vendee Globe. Racing alone, without stopping through the remote Southern Ocean over 75+ days he will start and finish in Les Sables D’Olonne, France. This is not just a sailing race, this journey will take Boris on a lap around Antarctica where he will encounter huge storms, prematurely melting ice caps and invasions of seaweed. He will experience and witness climate change first hand and communicate this to the world.

We are an international mix of ocean lovers, sailors, educators and entrepreneurs.