Leg o - Crewed return to Alicante

Malizia - Seaexplorer

Boris Herrmann Finishes The Route Du Rhum 2022

Boris Herrmann arriving in Guadeloupe (c) Alexis Courcoux #RDR2022 Boris Herrmann has completed his…

Day 15 – Route du Rhum 2022 – Boris Is Approaching land!

This is the last sunrise for Boris in the Route du Rhum 2022. He only has another 150 miles to go…

Herrmann zwischen Flaute und neuen Zielen

von Hermann Valkyser Boris Herrmann ist bei der Transatlantik-Regatta Route du Rhum glücklos. In…

Day 10 – Route du Rhum 2022 – Boris Is Facing Technical Issues With Foil Bearing

This Friday, Team Malizia skipper Boris Herrmann discovered an issue with a foil bearing aboard our…

Live stream from the Route du Rhum

On 19 July 2022, we launched our new IMOCA race yacht Malizia – Seaexplorer, after 35,000 design hours, 45,000 working hours in the build.

Our skipper Boris Herrmann will participate in the Route du Rhum this November, the first real test of the new boat across the Atlantic from Saint-Malo to Guadeloupe, and his first single-handed regatta since the Vendée Globe.

During The Ocean Race 2022-23, he will sail on Malizia – Seaexplorer with co-skippers Will Harris, Rosalin Kuiper, Nicolas Lunven, and onboard reporter Antoine Auriol, spreading our “A Race We Must Win” message around the world. This 6-month team challenge starts mid-January from Alicante and will be another test of the new boat, this time in the rough conditions of the Southern Ocean – with the ultimate goal of the Vendée Globe 2024-25 in sight.

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About us

We are Team Malizia, a professional sailing team, racing around the world for one main goal: create awareness about the environmental issue we are currently facing.

Team Malizia’s Mission

Our main aim is to compete on the highest level in the toughest races, whilst using our sport platform to inspire action and change through outreach, create awareness and highlight solutions to the climate crisis.

Our Values

Our mission is to combine sailing, science and education to bring the climate crisis to the forefront of the world. We want to use our platform of ocean sailing, where we experience firsthand the changes and impacts human actions are having on the ocean and use these stories to inspire change in the world.

On 8 November 2020, Boris took part as the first ever German in one of the toughest solo non-stop ocean races in the world, the Vendee Globe. Racing alone, without stopping through the remote Southern Ocean over 80 days he started and finished in Les Sables D’Olonne, France. But this was not just a sailing race, this journey took Boris on a lap around Antarctica where he encountered huge storms, prematurely melting ice caps and invasions of seaweed. He experienced and witness climate change first hand and communicated it to the world throughout all the team's social media channel, making a huge media impact.

We are an international mix of ocean lovers, sailors, educators and entrepreneurs.

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