Seaexplorer – Yacht Club de Monaco has been hiding in the boatyard in Lorient, France since mid-February and the team have been working hard to refit and repair her after the long Vendée Globe race.

Team Malizia’s shore team, Stuart, Edwin and Jay have been busy working on her for the last 4 week and they have another 2 weeks left.

They have also been keeping us updated with many videos and pictures of the amendments done to the yacht. Have a look at the work done so far.

1- Jay shows how the team removed the damaged foil and the painstaking hours it took in order to pull it out from the boat. This was not an easy process as they had to be very careful not to damage the hull! It took them 2 whole days to grind out the uneven sections.

Here are the different sections of foil once they were finally out of the boat:

2 – Next step was to strip the mast of all the electronics so they could have it NDT tested to check for any damage or issues in the internal structure:


3 – The other part of the boat which was damaged in the collision and which needed repairing was the starboard side:

The core of the IMOCA is constructed by 3 skins: a carbon skin + a core one made of foam + a second carbon skin.

In order to repair this, they cut out the carbon skin, then re-shaped the foam and re-did the outside carbon skin. Watch the video here for more information.

4- In this step, it shows the lamination of the outside skin. The blue cover is a “breather” this allows the vacuum to travel across the area to make sure it all vacuums down correctly which creates a completely even finish.

5 – The green on the hull is the faring, which is the last layer that goes on top of the outer carbon one: this gives an even spread and a good reference so it can be painted on afterwards.

6 – The fairing is all done and once it’s dry it’s time to start painting.

After this final process, there are a few other jobs to complete, then the boat will be ready to sail again!


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