Following 7 months in the shed being refitted, Seaexplorer – Yacht Club de Monaco was finally launched in June and it was then time to test all the improvements and the brand new foils. The Vendée-Arctic- Les Sables d’Olonne race was the perfect proving ground, organised by the IMOCA Class after the transatlantic races were cancelled due to Covid-19, it started on the 4th of July. The team only had a month to test everything out and to make sure it was all working perfectly.

After spending quarantine in Hamburg, Boris joined the team in Lorient and had a few days to test the boat before the Arctic race started. With the new foils working well Boris commented: “The boat feels good, everything is working well. I’m very excited to see the boat’s performance against the rest of the fleet in this coming race”.

Shortly after Boris’s arrival in France, it was the Port La Foret training weekend and the team’s first chance of the season to sail against the competition. These few days were successful as Boris got to grips with sailing Seaexplorer supercharged and the team could be proud of their hard work!



Boris Herrmann finished in 7th position

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 The Vendée Arctique race was a 3600-mile solo ocean race. The race was organised by the IMOCA class and supported by Vendée and the town of Les Sables d’Olonne. This race has been a warm-up” for this year’s Vendée Globe solo round-the-world race, and featured 20 skippers from five nations, among them four female skippers. The course took the fleet North to a virtual waypoint – the ‘IOC-UNESCO’ Waypoint, named in honour of the IMOCA Class ‘science and ocean’ partner – about 200 miles southwest of Iceland, before then turning south to the ‘Gallimard Editions’ Waypoint off the Azores and from there to the finish at Les Sables d’Olonne. The intensity of the race was quite remarkable for many skippers, including Boris. The German skipper finished in 7th place at 01:12 on 15th July 2020 after having led the race in first place on Friday 10 July only to suffer a technical issue with his mainsail headboard car which saw him drop down to 8th place at one point. Boris commented “The race was very good for me as a general test for the Vendee Globe. I am very happy to have been able to take part in this race and very grateful to the IMOCA class and organisation for their enormous effort in making it happen. It gives me confidence in the boat as I didn’t have a single concern apart from the hook of my mainsail. Other than that, the boat is going well, I am well and I am happy. I could leave tomorrow for the Vendee Globe if I had to!” Jérémie Beyou, from team Charal finished the race in first position, arriving just over 4 hours before Boris, followed by Charlie Dalin, from Apivia and Thomas Ruyant from LinkedOut. However, Boris Herrmann has now taken the lead of the provisional ranking in the Imoca Globe Series 2018 – 21. Proving he has the boat with the most miles sailed in the IMOCA races and therefore ensuring the reliability of the boat.

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Boris deployed an Argo float from Seaexplorer – Yacht Club de Monaco on the Vendee Arctique race

During the Arctique Race, holding on to 6th position, at 17:28 UTC on 08.07.2020, Boris deployed the Argo float from Seaexplorer – Yacht Club de Monaco. The scientific Argo float was donated by Ifremer and it was a mission organised in partnership with IOC-UNESCO, in close collaboration with the Joint Centre for Oceanographic and Marine Meteorological Observing Programme Support (JCOMMOPS) in order to measure temperature, salinity and pressure profiles in this part of the ocean. Boris commented “It is really interesting for us to help scientists to better understand climate change and our Ocean. This is something that I have been doing for some time in different forms and although as a racing sailor we are always trying to make our boats as light as possible, our partners and I believe that carrying this extra weight is worthwhile considering the benefit the data is providing to the scientific community and the climate operational centres.” The Argo float is an autonomous profiling float which weights about 20kg. Boris deployed it in a specific zone determined by scientists and their scientific needs and it will be around in this region for 4-5 years. Martin Kramp, Ships coordinator at JCOMMOPS commented, “The sailing boats of the IMOCA Class, such as Boris Herrmann’s Seaexplorer, are a great contribution to ocean observations, helping scientists to fill in critical observational gaps and collect crucial data in very remote areas. This partnership is very precious especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic when our ability to observe the global ocean was strongly impacted.”

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Boris is well aware of the importance of these Argo floats as they deliver reliable and accurate oceanographic data for the professional sailors and this is not the first time he has deployed a scientific device. During the Transat Jacque Vabre race in October 2019, Boris and co-skipper Will Harris deployed an oceanographic drifting buoy capable of measuring surface pressure and surface temperature. The deployment of this observing system was coordinated by JCOMMOPS. Team Malizia’s long-standing partnership with The Yacht Club de Monaco and now additionally with Kuehne+Nagel, CMA CGM, Hapag Lloyd and MSC have allowed the team to also upgrade their onboard ocean CO2 sensor. The onboard sensor is constantly measuring ocean data during this 6600km race over 10-12 days, including ocean surface CO2 and transmitting this data back to scientists at the Max Planck Institute, GEOMAR Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research Kiel (GEOMAR) and Ifremer. You can check out the Argo float deployed transmitting data – see here.


It’s now less than 2 months till the start of the Vendée Globe

Straight after the Vendée Arctique Race finished, Seaexplorer – Yacht Club de Monaco was lifted out the water and put into the shed in order to tune it up for the big race in November. They removed the mast, keel, foils, rudders for ultra sounding checked all the structural areas and systems that operate them. Once the shore team made sure everything was in top condition they relaunched on 12th August in time for the next training sessions. During the last month, Boris and the team were training in Lorient and preparing all the logistics for the Vendée Globe – food onboard, weather training, last boat jobs, etc.

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As part of the Port la Foret training camp, Boris has been training hard with the selected members. Less than two months before the departure of the Vendée Globe, on 10th September, Boris competed in the Defi Azimut Race, a 48-hour single-handed race with a lookout and a media man on board. After the transatlantic races and construction periods that will punctuate the year, the Azimut Challenge was the last main opportunity to complete the boat settings and to test them in real conditions before the grand meeting of the IMOCA class, for the Vendee Globe.


Website update, new online shop and new kids kit launch

Team Malizia has launched the new and upgraded version of the Ocean Challenge kit. This immersive school learning programme gives children the opportunity to discover the excitement of sailing through following world races onboard Seaexplorer – Yacht Club de Monaco. They also learn how ocean health is threatened and how carbon dioxide (CO2) is damaging our oceans – and how they can be part of the solution. The booklet is in German, French, Italian, English, Spanish and Portuguese (Japanese and Mandarin coming soon) and is supported by UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. Click here to download it. In conjunction with the new Ocean Challenge kit, Team Malizia has also upgraded their website, adding a site for kids with games, photos, videos and activities about the team so they can be entertained and learn at the same time. And last but not least, Team Malizia’s new online shop is also up and running, so fans are now able to buy the latest clothing and jewellery made from real pieces of Malizia. Click here to check it out!


Through Team Malizia and Boris Herrmann Racing’s social media accounts, the team often receive many questions from followers all over the world asking about the boat, the sailing tactics, the daily life of a professional offshore sailor and how does a team like this one prepare for a big race like the Vendée Globe. So to answer many of them, both skipper Boris Herrmann and Team Manager Holly Cova have done Q&A videos to give you the answers. Boris has also given various speeches and done many other Zoom webinars during these past months. Some of these were given to our sponsors’ employees and others to school students around the world that follow our Ocean Challenge education project. They were able to ask Boris any questions they may have. If you are a teacher or a parent and want your children’s school to be part of it, don’t hesitate to contact us here!



Would you like to come to the start of one of the most iconic sailing events in the world?

The organisers and teams will be in The Vendée Globe Race Village from the 17th October to the 8th November. The entry is free for everyone and the visitors will be able to see all boats (eight new ones and 33 contenders will be lining up at Les Sables de’Olonne pontoons), check out all the different stands that will be exposing and attend to the different conferences and events. You can check out more info about it on their website here for all the latest on the Covid-19 measures in place and how you can still join.

On the start day, Team Malizia has organised a big ferry for our most guests, so if you are one and want to join us, please don’t hesitate to contact their Logistics Manager Lucia. We have reduced capacity to have everyone distanced but we still have some seats available.

Despite these difficult moments we are living, we will do our best to make everyone have an amazing time in Les Sables d’Olonne and adapt however is needed. We will communicate with you about the upcoming changes and trip and send a detailed plan of the daily schedule closer to the time of the start.