The new boat build process is progressing very well as we are on schedule! The hull mould was finalised at the end of August and two new boatbuilders joined the team to start the building of the actual boat.

The beginnings of a boat are starting to take shape as the hull mould has been finished and our team have started laminating it. The external carbon skin was laminated and cured by mid October, meaning that the external shape is now complete. We are now adding half of the stringers – the structural foam strings that make the hull stronger – and they will be protected by new carbon layers coating them, which will be cured on the next cook in early November.
in parallel, we are producing all the bulkheads, which are the panels that separate the sections of the boat and make the primary structure.



And in the meantime, Schütz our technical partner, are producing the deck mould in Selters in Germany: the process is the same as for the hull mould: a big piece of foam is shaped to be the exact replica of the deck and then we laminate into this frame. This will become the female mould of the deck.

In order to transport the mould from Schütz in Germany to Multiplast in Vannes, France we will have to cut the mould in half length ways. We will work with our logistics partner Kuehne+Nagel in order to transport this special shipment.

When the deck arrives in France on the 8th November (almost one year after the Vendee Globe race start) it will be placed in the same boatyard as the hull and there will be a new team starting work on the building the deck, in parallel with the current team already working on the hull.

Boris and the designers, alongside VPLP are currently finalising all the decisions about the foils, steering and ballast system, while moving forwards on designing many other elements of the boat.The shape of the roof and the design of the windows has just been confirmed this week.

In conjunction with this, our co-skipper and also electronics specialist Will Harris is working alongside Pixel Sur Mer and Axelle on designing the electronics systems on board and also liaising closely with our long term partner B&G to agree and implement the best technology possible on board.

Stay tuned for more updates soon!



(Photo credits to @Yann Riou)