What is #MyOceanChallenge?


Malizia is embarking on an exciting adventure with the Ocean Challenge. Everyone has their own Ocean Challenge but our mission is to promote ocean science, protection and education around the world whilst inspiring kids with sailing adventures, protecting the ocean and educating the next generation. This is particularly important to Pierre and Boris and to achieve this goal the team are targeting two key areas, science and education. Let us know what your ocean challenge is by using #myoceanchallenge

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#MyOceanChallenge & Science

With the help of a sensor installed on Malizia, scientists will be able to monitor the CO2 levels, temperature, salinity and pressure in hard to reach locations around the globe. This information will be valuable in helping scientists understand the impacts of climate change within our oceans, particularly in the less travelled Southern Ocean. The measured data is of high quality and is feed to an international data base with access for a worldwide science community: In order to achieve this goal, Malizia has signed a collaboration with Max Planck Institute, Hamburg and Geomar, Kiel.


The ocean covers 75% of the earth’s surface and plays a huge role in slowing down climate change, absorbing a minimum of 30% of the CO2 in the atmosphere. However, we are seeing how badly the ocean is deteriorating and the negative impacts global warming, pollution, plastic and over fishing are having on our waters.

CO2 Sensor onboard Malizia


#MyOceanChallenge & Education


We believe that educating children about the ocean and how wonderful and important it is, is one of the keys to protecting it. Children are the future and by giving them this knowledge and power we hope to be able to really make a change in the state of our seas.


We want to fascinate, engage and inspire young minds and create future ambassadors for ocean protection by sharing our sailing adventure. We are looking to team up with schools around the world to educate children about sailing, the ocean and the environmental impacts currently effecting our seas. Team Malizia’s founder Pierre Casiraghi is passionate about getting the younger generation involved in understanding the ocean and getting them on board Malizia to really experience it first-hand.



Teacher, Birte Lorenzen has designed and tested the creative and engaging learning materials based on the ocean and sailing to provide a structured course with the sole purpose of allowing children to really start to understand and love our oceans. This includes an educational kit consisting of printed educational materials, a world-ocean map for the school class, paper boat model and online multimedia elements (App, Kids-Tracker and VR). Which includes information on the Vendee Globe, Route du Rhum, life aboard a boat, Malizia, ocean science and CO2, animals and climate change. The children will also get the chance to visit Malizia, sailing on Malizia and meeting the crew to ask them questions about sailing and the ocean. We have already found this successful having had kids onboard with us in Monaco, Bermuda, Hamburg and Kiel.


The education kit

Our future aim is to inspire and unite others within the sailing community to promote ocean protection through education and science through their love of Sailing.


Please click here to download our Free Malizia My Ocean Challenge kit.