Boris Herrmann has deployed an Argo float from

Seaexplorer – Yacht Club de Monaco in the Vendee Globe Race


On 18 November, Boris Herrmann deployed a drifter float supplied by Argo-France and in partnership with IOC-UNESCO’s and OceanOPS, during the Vendee Globe race. Boris launched the device from Seaexplorer into the ocean near to the equator at 04’18.622N 028’59.484W.

Boris commented “It is great to be able to contribute in this way to ocean science. The partnership with IOC-UNESCO is fantastic and I am happy that the IMOCA class is also behind this project. It is also near the start of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainability and I am proud to be able to be a part of this important mission. It is really paramount for us to use our platform to help scientists to better understand climate change and our Ocean. The float will drift around for many years and will send data directly back to our scientists. It measures temperature, salinity and pressure data from the top 2000m of the ocean and it automatically sends this back home.”

The device has been decorated by the children of a local school in Brest with their signatures and names as a good luck memento before being tossed overboard. On deploying the float Boris commented, “the float will be tracked by the scientists but also by the children. This is an important part of the project for me, engaging children with our ocean and teaching them how to protect it”
Martin Kramp, Ships coordinator at OceanOPS stated, “We are delighted that the sailing boats of the IMOCA Class, such as Boris Herrmann’s Seaexplorer – Yacht Club de Monaco, are contributing to ocean observations, helping scientists to fill in critical observational gaps and collect crucial data in very remote areas. This is not the first time that Boris has deployed an Argo Float and data from his other deployments are already being used. This partnership is particularly key during the COVID-19 Pandemic which has limited our ability to obtain important ocean data.”
The importance of this is not lost on the sailor, the very data these devices transmit back is allowing Boris to navigate safely with reliable weather data models.

You can see the location and track of the Argo float here.

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