At sea, sailors are exposed to the elements for days on end. Wind, weather, temperature variations, saltwater… Sailors live in a challenging environment day in, day out. One key factor must be added on top: Exposure to the sun.

Protecting the eyes from the sun and ultraviolet radiation becomes a priority, especially for the sailor at sea, considering the highly reflective surrounding water as well as bright deck surfaces on board, which intensify UV exposure.

Cap, white T-shirt and Sea2see sunglasses: Sun protection at sea is essential. Photo: Martin Messmer.

Today, we are excited to announce our partnership with the company Sea2see Eyewear. The innovative eyewear company offers high-quality products ready for use in demanding outdoor conditions and, on top of that, follows a philosophy of maritime environmental protection and sustainability, which fits Team Malizia’s mission in perfection.

Sea2see glasses are made from 100% recycled sea plastic and recycled fishing equipment including abandoned nets, lines and ropes, removed from the ocean. The company collaborates with fishermen in eastern Spain, who have been collecting tons of sea waste. Eventually, this raw material is processed into pellets and finally reused in Italy to create Sea2see Eyewear.

From awareness-raising activities until the final product in 6 steps. Image:

With regard to the partnership with Team Malizia, François van den Abeele, Founder and CEO of Sea2see points out:

Founder and CEO of Sea2sea Eyewear, François van den Abeele. Photo:

It’s a pleasure for us to team up with a sailing team such as Team Malizia – Yacht Club Monaco, because we have common values and goals: Raising awareness about the contamination of our oceans and bringing solutions to improve the way we can treat them. Their Ocean Challenge initiative with kids is fantastic, and the best way to create consciousness, kids don’t forget! I always say:  Sustainable glasses will not save the ocean, but people that wear them will, because in the end, it is thanks to the example given by Boris Herrmann wearing our sustainable glasses, that slowly things will change for the better.”

In this spirit of raising the people’s awareness concerning the pollution of the world’s oceans as a global issue and promoting sustainable solutions, it is fantastic to have a partnership with Sea2see. Team Malizia is very proud to take part in the project of fostering environmental protection and caring for the oceans.

Kids on board during Malizia Ocean Challenge education activities. Photo: Martin Messmer.

The Team Malizia’s campaign goes well beyond mere sailing: it is based on creating a close relationship with the ocean, on fascinating people about its beauty and on helping to protect it through education and collecting scientific data around climate change along our sailing routes. This follows a similar approach as Sea2see: They go well beyond making great sunglasses, they create a product that tells a story. Their main aim is focused on raising awareness and educating people about plastic pollution in the ocean, whilst offering at the same time a concrete solution and contributing actively to ocean cleaning.

Sea2see – a perfect partner for Team Malizia. Photo: Martin Messmer.

Skipper Boris Herrmann emphasizes: Sea2see fits perfectly as a partner for us as we focus mainly on climate change and ocean health, so any company that contributes to protect and positively impact the ocean is worth working with – that’s why we decided to partner up with Sea2Sea.


Photo: Martin Messmer.

Sea2see goes hand in hand with Team Malizia: The company slogan states “Sea2see glasses are born in the sea, sold across the world and worn by people that care for a cleaner Ocean.” We say “Team Malizia promotes climate & ocean action, sails around the world and is led by people that advocate for climate protection.”


Yannick Kethers