Coordinates: 15°45.33’S – 031°22.44’W

Binary weather decision to be made today. It determines the route to Cape Town. With a huge split. Basically what way to go around the high. (I am sharing this because I think it’s interesting. But you cannot give me advice or specific comments). The orange is the gfs ensemble. It s interesting. Normally moving towards the day of decision the ensemble would converge to one dominant solution. Not here. 9 go west. 11 go middle or east. The European model (don’t have the ensemble of that) goes in the middle (green). A bold move could be to put the a3 big gennaker and start heading more west and following that path. Knowing if a middle route worked out you loose probably one day on someone who managed to sneak through. Interesting day to watch and then interesting to see the outcome in one week.